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Flowchem FlexiTanks provides a series of value added services.We provide end to end support for all our Flexitanks around the world. Our network of trusted agents and global experts allows us to provide unmatched support and real time management for any shipment

🛳 Total Logistics

Our expertise in Supplychain management, shipping & logistics helps us provide our customers with end to end logistics solutions for all their chemical cargo.

📦 Loading Assistance

Flowchem FlexiTanks provides container dressing and loading services. Our trained technicians acompany the Flexitank equiped with all necessary accessories for a safe and successful journey.

🚨 Emergency Response

Our Global network of FlexiTank specialists are available to help in case of an unfortunate incident. We will do our best to secure your product.

Shipping & Freight Solutions

Flowchem Logistics is a leading international freight forwarding company based in Mumbai. Our freight forwarding division has built a global network for a wide reach around the world.Flowchem Logistics delivers every small or big project at its designated destination on time at an affordable cost. Over the years, we offered our services to different industries of the trade.

We are specialized in Handling Liquid Cargo, which includes chemicals (Haz & Non Haz), Food and Pharma Grade chemicals and Oils, Base Oils, Transformer oils etc.And today, Flowchem is fully prepared to offer National and International logistics solutions around the globe. This extensive shipping network gives us the ability to offer attractive pricing and committed timelines from the major international ocean as well as air carriers.

We offer a full range of worldwide shipping services specializing both in Import and Export.Our organization promises to deliver your valuable goods worldwide efficiently, safely, and just in time. So, Flowchem Logistics is the one-stop solution for your every shipping requirement.Following are some of the services offered by Flowchem Logistics  in the field of freight Forwarding.

Transport Logistics for a
Globalized Future

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  • Reliable, safe and on solid time
  • For urgent shipments
  • Rail Transport – for the best of two worlds

Ocean Freight

Flowchem’s sea freight forwarding services for import and export are catered to an extensive shipping network across the globe.

  • Project logistics
  • Order Management
  • Logistics Management
  • FCL- Full Container Load
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • LCL- Less Than Container Load
  • Heavy Haul or Out- of- Gauge Cargo
  • Handling Dangerous Goods & Speciality Services
  • Customs Clearance/ Brokerage

Air Freight 

Air Cargo service division by Flowchem Logistics handles domestic cargo as well as international cargo services.

  • Airport to Airport

  • General Airfreight

  • IATA / Direct Air Carrier

  • Dangerous Goods Specialists

  • Priority Air Freight

  • Air Consolidations

  • Domestic / International Cargo Services

Transportation (Outsourced)                

Land freight Services by Flowchem offer the domestic and international movement of goods. We give guaranteed satisfaction to customers with cost-effective, reliable, and on-time delivery solutions.

  • Full Truck Loads (FTL)

  • Finished Goods Distribution

  • Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Less than Truckload

  • Retail Distribution

  • Return Program


Every year billions of goods are shipped throughout the world. Our company renders the best flexitanks for the shipment of both liquid and dry bulk products. Flexitanks are the best options for storing and transporting goods in bulk. It is a great alternative to tankers, drums, IBCs, and any other type of packaging. 

With our flexitanks you can save up to 30% to 40% cost compared to other packing options. They are extremely easy to use and you can make maximum use of the available space in the container. These containers do not need any special equipment for loading and unloading making the process 90% faster. 

Heater Pads For Flexitanks

Flexitanks are one of the best options for carrying bulk liquids. However, liquids that have high melting point or high viscosity would solidify at low temperatures or cold environments making it difficult to discharge. So, we provide best heater pads for flexitanks that would safely and efficiently heat your product. 

The heater pads are placed underneath the flexitanks, rendering heat to the solidified product turning it into liquid and making it easy to discharge. Our heater pads come with a subjective reheating system which is easy to use and can effectively heat the liquid evenly before being discharged or unloaded. 

Thermal Liners For Flexitanks

Some products require a completely sealed off temperature environment whose humidity is controlled. For packaging such products we offer you thermal liners for flexitanks that provide a temperature and humidity controlled environment for those products that require reheating before they are unloaded. 

Our thermal liners work as a woven laminate and are made of WPP fabric and are such that it can reflect about 96% radiant energy. These liners help protect the products from unfavorable climatic conditions. It is very easy to install and is a cost effective option. 

Container Liners

It is very important to make sure that the products are protected from any contamination and moisture. Our container liners help your products stay away from any contamination or moisture and ensure a safe and hygienic delivery. It is widely used for transporting free flowing and dry nonhazardous materials. 

The liners are made from using WPP or high tensile PE film that provide full protection of products and are3 completely recyclable. Our liners are designed exclusively such that they fit into the container perfectly. They are easy to use and help eliminate waste up to 90%.

Container Liner

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Flexitank Services

Flexitanks are a great alternative to traditionals tankers and drums. It helps reduce cost, they weigh less, and helps with a safe and efficient product delivery. Our company provides standardized flexitank services available worldwide. We render complete solutions from supply, installation, and emergency response services. Our flexitanks are made from high quality materials that are tested and certified according to industry standards. We work with trained and skilled staff to make sure your products are transported safely and efficiently in a timely manner.

Logistics Services

Our logistics services provide a one stop solution for transportation of goods throughout the world. We render a wide range of shipping services as we specialize in both export and import. We help transport your products safely and efficiently in a timely manner. Our company believes in providing seamless services at the best prices. Our company handles water transport, road transport, as well as air transport. With our water transport services you don’t need to worry as we provide you services from order management to customs clearance. We also specialize in road transportation as we guarantee a safe and timely delivery. Lastly, we also handle both domestic and international air transport services.

Flowchem Logistics provides all verticals of Logistical services and Flexitank Solutions, needed for a safe and successful bulk liquid movement.

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